The Mold Making Process your Parts Deserves

The typical process clients can expect when working with Protoplast starts with the Design Review meeting. Whether you wish to be ‘hands on’ or just want a finished part of high quality, Protoplast is here to help you and your program through to successful completion. This initial meeting is a discovery process to learn what your requirements are, and even help you decide on the best options for design and tooling choices. The core team at Protoplast will review your plastic part design and ensure it’s ‘mold friendly’, with no undercuts, uniform thickness based on the material choice with attention to functionality and aesthetics.

Producing accurate, repeatable parts is as much art as science. With over 30 years of experience in the injection molding industry, the team at Protoplast will ensure your parts meet all critical dimension requirements. Getting closer to quality parts-sooner (as in 1st or 2nd shots off the tool) so you are not waiting weeks for good parts.

Protoplast’s Success

Over the years, the diverse group of Protoplast customers have been our success. Not only do they bring challenges with new materials, strict design requirements, or new price points, they keep pushing us in those directions because they know we are creative and up to the challenge. When Protoplast meets those challenges, it opens the doors for other projects or programs.