Offshore Tooling Management

Offshore tooling is a reality that Protoplast has embraced. For many, the initial cost has been very appealing. However if the support is not there when a client receives the offshore tooling, problems can arise. In the end, don’t be left caught with tooling you can’t use.

Protoplast has established very key relationships with its offshore vendors as well as domestic tooling partners. By allowing Protoplast to manage the Offshore Tooling Program for you, we have full control of the entire production process, starting with our in-house 3D CAD Design.

Protoplast’s fully functioning tool shop ensures that when a mold arrives from overseas (known as “green” or “unconditioned” tools), it must go through strict quality control standards that our own “in-house” tools must pass. Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) measurements are taken, checked against the original 3D CAD data, and any final tweaks or adjustments are made before being passed to the molding division. With a qualified team of  mould makers and machinists in-house, each with over 20 years of experience, ensure’s our clients can have peace of mind when deciding to go with offshore tooling through Protoplast. Give Protoplast a call today to discuss whether offshore tooling is the right solution for your needs.

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