Electronic Sector Parts

Handheld PIN Pad (currently in wide use)

PPI has recently completed a contract for handheld PIN pads, used by the major banks. This seemingly simple case hides some very sophisticated integrated security features. The seam and joints had to be manufactured with a ‘safety seal’ to prevent the item being tampered with. Also a molded safety strip, on both halves, will disable the device if the unit is opened incorrectly. Another challenge was to produce the front piece with enough clearance for the finger pad protusion. Too much clearance looks sloppy and not enough would impede operation and response. Such is the problem of working with external parts suppliers but PPI came through because they partnered effectively with all involved.

IonScan filter (security device)

A security contract recently completed by PPI was the manufacture and assembly of an IonScan Filter. This filter is used to analyze the residue of swabs taken from wiped luggage and also to analyze the air that surrounds suspicious luggage. PPI manufactured the clear plastic housings that surround the mechanisms. Molded in two pieces and then pressed together to form the assembly, the end fittings are assembled, tested and shipped.