High Quality and Competitive Prices for Medical / Biotech Sector

The products Protoplast produced for the Medical / Biotech sector demonstrates our versatility. Typically customers, in this sector only need a few parts, often more than 350 but less than 500, usually not enough to justify full tooling costs. Protoplast using and enhancing the ‘hand-molding’ process is able to satisfy both low-cost and low production demands. Because each part is handled by an operator the highest level of quality is ensured.

As a point of pride Protoplast’s President boasts about the part illustrated in the box at the right. “This part was going offshore for production, but we were asked to bid. We did and beat out the competition. I put it down to our attention to detail, our experience in using hand-loaded cores and ‘loose inserts’, and the relationship we developed with the customer!”