ITB Injection Transfer Blow

The next step in the evolution of the Injection Blow technology that Protoplast has developed is the ITB (Injection Transfer Blow).  This latest phase and development has been primarily driven by our customers’ requirements to fill a void in the High Temperature Bellow product line.

The processing method for the standard injection blow or short air duct utilizes the elastic memory of the resin in conjunction with secondary automation to create a finished part inside and out.  With the high temperature requirement a less elastic resin, such as Hytrel, a grade often utilized in existing blow molded and continuous extrusion products is required.

Protoplast’s advancement of Injection Transfer Blow will still provide our customers with a finished product inside and out with no need for secondary operations; but this version truly integrates injection and blow molding into one molded process.   Transferring an Injection molded preform to a secondary blow mold chamber allows the two operations to happen within one mold. When the part is ejected a high tolerance injection molded part is finished with a bellow section that does not require any secondary machining operations.

Product in-action video:

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