Huge Capital Cost? Not Anymore.

For customers who only need a few hundred parts per year, investing in a fully automated tool is often cost prohibitive. However at Protoplast, complex parts can be short production runs. Protoplast will often use ‘hand loaded inserts’ in the tooling to relieve undercuts. This requires trained operators to manually remove the inserts from the plastic parts. This cost saving solution may be just the right fit for your needs.

Do you Have a Challenge for us? 

When Protoplast is faced with a challenge (jobs that other companies have shied away from) our core team’s “excitement factor” comes into play! New challenges are embraced at Protoplast. Why? Because if we just take on the safe stuff, we don’t get any better. Figuring out a way to make something that has never been produced before or can be improved upon,  provides the impetus for innovation. It’s Protoplast’s competitive edge!

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