Protoplast’s Hybrid “Injection Blow” Process.

How do you design a rubber part that is both rigid yet still flexible? That was the challenge Protoplast faced when approached by one of its automotive customers. They needed a new design to meet a very difficult automotive requirement. The team at Protoplast was up for the challenge, and worked closely to develop a design and material that hit a perfect balance.

Terry Harris, Engineer at Protoplast says “The part has to have all of the design and mechanical elements to make it function correctly. There are two competing issues, flexible and ridged. We were able to provide a number of different part samples in various durometer materials to pass the flexibility requirement but it failed the mechanical requirements of “Vacuum Collapse”.(Since these parts are under vacuum pressure from engine intake.) “In the images above, are the latest design iterations showing before and after Vacuum collapse ribbing had been applied. This latest part design is just one more area that our Injection Blow process exceeds conventional blow molding alone.”

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