PPI Protoplast Inc., with its strength based in its tooling origins, has developed at a controlled pace in response to customer demands.

PPI now is also a full service manufacturing company catering to the manufacturing and molding industries. Value-added production processes, whether it is pad-printing the part, secondary manufacturing the part or packaging and shipping, they are all part of the superb customer service that PPI prides itself on. For example, when a mold is designed for a customer and the decision is made to leave the production with PPI, all maintenance, warranty and mold rebuilds are ‘on the house’ – no cost to the customer. Just part of the service policy.

One example of our responsiveness:

The part in the picture on the left, a gear-end cover housing for the automotive sector, was designed, molded and put into production in two days, a great demonstration of both PPI’s responsiveness to a customer’s problem and the relationship that PPI had built with the customer.