Precision Tooling & Pre-Production Engineering

Pre-production Engineering and on-site Precision Tooling have always been the backbone of Protoplast Inc. Founded in 1981, Protoplast has evolved to become an industry leader in the manufacture of Injection molds, utilizing the best material choices (QC-10, P20, SP300, H13, Moldmax®) for each custom requirement, based on part complexity, resin choice and volume.

A fully equipped tool shop including CNC Machining Centres with programmable tool changers, allow our expert staff to utilize every production hour available, building programs by day to run machines “lights out” at night. Whether an automatic mold with integrated robotics, or an aluminum prototype mold with hand loaded inserts, our certified team of trades and engineers, offer customers the best suited and most cost effective solution for their specific injection molding requirements.

To expand our in-house capability, Protoplast Inc. has partnered with several offshore tooling sources.  Our relationships are built on a solid track record of quality and success.  All tooling of this kind is shipped in “green” and finished on-site to our specific standards and specifications. Still not sure? We’ll put our no-cost maintenance guarantee on it!