Quality is a core value for Protoplast Inc.

Our quality Policy states the commitment to the highest possible level of quality and “To reach our goals we must…Produce molds and parts that meet or exceed the customers expectations”.

In order to complete this mandate Protoplast has put in place a quality management system based on ISO/TS 16949 in molding components and ISO/TS 16949 in the tooling division. “As Protoplast moves forward, facing challenges of growth and productivity, we will conduct our business with honesty and integrity, never compromising on quality” … extract from the Quality Policy.

Quality is a customer specification and so we have set up sophisticated systems of quality integration with their customers. The auto sector has set the SPC program as a minimum standard and has demanded quality integration of vendors and suppliers systems, Protoplast has eagerly accepted this demand and met the challenge.

Quality has driven Protoplast to initiate and deliver internal control systems that benefit the customer: Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) allows micro-management of each order and workflow.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) ensures that data paths will never be corrupted and our ISO registration shows that quality is interwoven into all of our technology and accountability is paramount.