Electronic Sector

Electronic Sector

Developing links with many companies in the Electronic sector.

Parts & Molds for Electronic Sector

Security Surveillance, Photocopiers, Handheld PIN Pads & More!

Protoplast Inc. has enjoyed developing links with many companies in the Electronic sector. This sector uses the parts and molds produced by Protoplast, to supply the photocopier industry, the surveillance industry and many others.

The increase in airport security has increased business for us as some of the advanced ‘sniffing’ tools demanded by security companies have been manufactured, on very short notice by Protoplast. These products include ‘sniffing spoons’ and ‘Ionscan’ filter tanks.

Protoplast has recently completed a contract for handheld PIN pads, used by the major banks. This seemingly simple case hides some very sophisticated integrated security features. The seam and joints had to be manufactured with a ‘safety seal’ to prevent the item being tampered with. Also a molded safety strip, on both halves, will disable the device if the unit is opened incorrectly.