The Automotive sector has provided Protoplast with many joint venture opportunities.

Taking a concept to the finished part is exciting for both partners when Protoplast is involved.

The major challenge in the ‘just in time’ delivery cycles and rigorous quality standards that the Auto sector demands, is to become true partners with auto-parts suppliers. Protoplast has met that challenge many times! Each contract is given the same personalized attention, from the first contact to the final sign-off, and this close attention to detail ensures the highest levels of cost control and quality for our automotive industry customers.

Working with many Tier 1 suppliers Protoplast’s manufacturing methods are standardized with the sophisticated integration of both our quality program and the auto sector’s SPC standards in response to the high quality demands of the auto industry. Protoplast’s expertise and practices will save our customers money as there is no learning curve in the application of any external quality programs.

Protoplast is proud of the efforts of our employee team to produce quality automotive parts, using innovative molds and methods.

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